This picture reminds me of Anastasia and the whole story about Romanov family.

The Romanov family was murdered at Ekateringburg on July 17th, 1918. After his abdication in March 1917, Nicholas and his family had been put under house arrest and kept just outside of St. Petersburg. As the civil war developed, the whole family was sent to Tolbolsk in Siberia and from here to Ekateringburg in the Urals.
The Romanovs had given Lenin a major problem. To many, Nicholas was still the legitimate ruler of Russia. While he was alive, people would rally to his cause. The simple fact was that many in the White corner were fighting to restore Nicholas the throne. The tsar, appointed by God, had many loyal followers. If Nicholas escaped, then his followers would have had someone at their head to lead them - against Lenin.

In the summer of the 1918, Ekateringburg was threatened by the advancing Whites. The decision was taken by the Bolsheviks to kill Nicholas and his family. On the night of July 17th, the family was awoken and told that there was trouble in Ekateringburg. They were told that they would be safer in the basement of the house they were staying in. The whole family, the family doctor (Botkin) and three servants went to the basement. A group of twelve Red Army soldiers appeared in the basement and shot those there. The legend has it that the princesses had to be finished off with bayonets as they had stuffed jewels in their blouses which had deflected the bullets.

Many rumours quickly spread with regards to the murders.

One was that the youngest daughter, Anastasia somehow managed to survive.

Another was that not all the family were murdered in the basement and that some, primarily the children and Alexandra, were removed from the house and shot elsewhere.

Such was the fear of the Cheka that the story of the Romanovs deaths was never challenged and the same remained true under Stalin. However, in September 1918, a number of people claimed to have seen Alexandra and the four princesses at a house in Perm - this followed the rumour that a heavily guarded train left Ekateringburg immediately after July 17th, with the four princesses and their mother on board. Also a doctor in Perm claimed to have treated one of the princesses after she had fallen ill in September 1918. The actual details of what happened to the Romanovs on July 17th will never be known and this has led to continual speculation as to what exactly did happen.



There's only one thing ... i can be afraid of,my simple words,my simple soul!


Nu plangeam dar....
Parca toata camera era absorbita intr-o singura directie si simteam cum scaunul pe care eram asezata se inclina.
Stateam oblic si parca totusi nu simteam nimic.Nu stateam nicicum.
Ii citeam cuvintele si cu fiecare vorba pe care mi-o spunea,primeam cate-o sageata in corp;
si una cate una ma dobora din ce in ce mai mult si tot sangele zvacnea de parca voia sa ma evadeze.
Ma scufundam in mine si parca nici trupul nu mi-l mai simteam.
Citeam.Citeam, si de la sprancene in sus parca nu mai aveam craniu.
Tavanul incepea exact deasupra ochilor mei,
si nicio durere nu poate inlocui viteza cu care veninul gandurilor lui ma injecta.
Incercam sa respir dar nu puteam.
Trageam aer in piept dar nu reuseam sa-l scot afara.
Oare am murit?
Nu stiu,parca inca mai traiesc.......dar nu pentru el !


In zumzetul meu am tresarit
In somn cred c-am adormit
Caci am visat
Ca trista eu am fost
Dar m-am trezit din visul visului
Si nu ma recunosc,

Si nu te recunosc
Pentru ca vrei nu pentru ca vreau
Si nici nu stiu ce cred
Si tot nu stiu sa iau
O parte mica din privirea ta
S-o port in par
Sa dorm cu ea.

Sa ma privesti cum dorm,
Sa simti cum te visez,
Sa ma alungi din vis,
Sa simt ca evadez!

Iar in ura mea sa nu cobor
Atunci cand stiu ca departe esti
Caci n-am sa te dobor
Atunci cand ma privesti

Si e ciudat ca mor in fiecare zi
Si nu-i deloc frumos atunci cand ma atingi
Dar eu ingan mereu cuvinte si miscari
Ce ti-au stat in trup in crunte alergari.

Si n-am sa pot sa te confund,
Din toti,caci esti al meu si stiu
Ca n-am sa pot sa ma ascund
In negrul ceasului tarziu.

Mirosul tau il simt si-l iert mereu
Si din placerea mea
Te scot pe tine....
Si sunt eu....
Si suntem unul
Chiar si pana la altar
Nu ne-am gasit nicicand
Mereu am fost noi doi
Rataciti placut si stramb
In al timpului calvar.